The best way to create, send and track your campaigns

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A single tools for all your campaignsCreate your campaign, send it by e-mail or SMS and track on real time the on-line/off-line impact.


Create Better Designs in Less TimeWith our editor you will create multi device campaigns in minutes.




Based on Templates

The editor has more than 25 templates 100% compatible with mobile devices in order you can create email campaigns o mobile push messages.


Copy&Paste Blocs

Creating a good newsletter from scatch is not easy. That’s why we have created pre-build blocks in order you can customize your campaing according your needs, drag&drop  modules, copy&paste in any area as simple as using Word.


Editable Content

Editing the campaign’s content never has been so easy. Click inside the text string and edit it. Apply stiles, change colors, links… Evarithing is possible with our editor and without HTML knowledge.

Choose your StyleWith more than 25 responsive email templates find your style and customize it. With our editor you can create unlimited variations to add a personalized look 😉

Email Campaigns with  guarantee deliverability Send your email campaigns with the service that cover all your needs.


Email and Mobile
Send multichannel campaigns mixing email and mobile.

With SEND you will be able to import and send the campaigns created with EDIT. The tool allows to use custom fields in your messages, create segments, automate messages based on triggers and auto responders, create split test…

Measure ROIReal time stats to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

Know who has opened your campaigns, the clicked links, bounced emails, Google Analytics conversions. Discover the best hours to send campaigns, industry benchmarks… Integrate with PLUG our off-line analytics tools to measure visitors in the point of sale.

Off-Line Analytics for point of sale!Discover your customers behavior in your shops and increase sales and performance.

Get in real time insights of your business, discovers customers patterns and enhance customers experience from a sales and operations point of view . Deploy your off-line analytics solution within minutes at affordable cost. Integrate it with SEND or with your management campaign software to have a 360º view of your business.