Archives: August 2016

How to integrate Interspire Email with Active Campaign

In this article you will learn how we integrate Interspire Email Marketer with Active Campaign to provide marketing automation feature to Interspire customers. Interspire Email Marketer is great software, it provides autoresponders and triggers to automate some actions like sending mails based on user’s actions like open or link click...

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The future of Interspire Email Marketer

I have being user of Interspire email marketer almost from the beginning. It was 2006 and the Interspire email solution was called Send Sentudio. After that it comes SendStudion NX, and then we jump into Interspire Email Marketer 5.X until today that we are at version 6.16. It has being...

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Interspire Email Marketer addons

An Interspire Email Marketer addon is a piece of software that extends software functionalities. Interspire come with a system under settings/addons that allows adding those new features. Despite Interspire is great software, from a developer’s point of view creating and addon is not so simple and deploying new functionality can...

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