Create Email Marketing Template Designs

A huge part of the success for email marketing campaigns remains on creativity. Having  templates compatible with mobile devices and different email clients is basic for the campaign success.

Having a template builder with responsive templates and modules to quickly create custom campaigns is the right answer to actual need.

Email Marketing and Newsletters Editor

With our “Drag&Drop” editor you will have full control of your designs with a 100% visual interface. Forget about learning HTML or CSS, the editor will make the hard work for you.

What can you do:

  • Use custom templates and customize them with your content.
  • Use custom modules according to your needs (social networks, headers, image galleries…)
  • Copy and paste areas of your template an positioning with the “drag&drop” functionality.
  • Export the resulting templates to third party tools (Send, Newslettersoft, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor…).
  • Transform your campaign into new templates.

Galería de Imágenes


A key success factor in the email process building is the right image manipulation. Our image editor has been adapted to create optimized images for responsive emmails.

What we can do:

  • Scale image size
  • Optimize size and weight
  • You can classify in directories
  • Access to a professional image bank

Prebuild Templates

We have built specific template for each industry in order you can choose the one that better cover your needs. With a simple click you can replicate modules, reposition them, add new content, insert links… to add a custom look&feel for your campaigns.

Create your email marketing campaigns and newsletters based on our templates.

Responsive Templates

Our responsive templates are compatible with main mobile phones in order they look great in all devices. With EDIT you can customize the template components keeping compatibility among different devices and email clients..

Premium Templates

If you already have your own templates or you need new modules with custom styles for your different campaigns or departments we can adapt them to work with our editor. You will be able to clone, copy, and reposition to create new designs based on those modules.

Some of our templates

Change the look&feel of your template sin 3 simple steps

Define the Colors of your Newsletter

With our customization menu you will be able to change the look&feel of your newsletter. Define the pattern colors for the header, body and newsletter footer and also the spacing between elements.

Define the Style of each Block

Customize the look&feel of each bloc now is possible. Define the color, size and font style. Copy and paste the module and with the drag&drop functionality reposition wherever you want.


Export your Designs

The templates created with our editor can be exported in HTML format or can be used with the main email software tools like Newslettersoft, Interspire Email Marketer, Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor.

Try or editor for free and evaluate all its potential.