The future of Interspire Email Marketer

I have being user of Interspire email marketer almost from the beginning. It was 2006 and the Interspire email solution was called Send Sentudio. After that it comes SendStudion NX, and then we jump into Interspire Email Marketer 5.X until today that we are at version 6.16.

It has being a long, long journey. Since the “Spartan” interface of Send Studio until now. The guy at Interspire did very well; there are no so many Australian Internet companies (despite Altasian) that have growth as they did.

That is one of the reason that as many users of Interpire are surprised and angry with the company. As entrepreneur I can understand that focus is mandatory, and also I can understand that venture can make a lot of pressure to founders to set “the right” strategy. Developing Shopping Cart and then move to Bigcommerce it has being an excellent strategy but as customer I cannot understand why Interspire has stop investing on Email Marketer because it was a great source of income and the solution was very popur among users.

Since 2009 company has almost stop implementing new features and till 2016 main work has being focus on fixing bugs. Based on our experience as Interspire addon developers, still now there is a steady demand of Interspire from old but also from potential new buyers. Email marketing is still alive and with marketing automation super powers it is going to be here for many years.

I have tried to contact Interspire founders Eddie Machaalani  And Mitchell Harper to understand why there is no interest on maintaining Email Marketer but never had feedback from them nor the company 🙁

Using addons can extend current product functionalities, but due to the nature of Interspire framework addons have many limitations and use to modify core files, creating conflicts among addons.

As an angry customer but also a big fan of Interspire Email Marketer we have decided to revive the software by adding some external services but also by changing part of its core. We would like to add some cool feature that you can find at Active Campaign or Mail Chimp.

–    Importing sales information into Interspire to create new segments
–    Track user’s navigation among the Web
–    Have a drag&drop workflow editor like Active Campaign for marketing automation

The goal is prove that Email Marketer is still alive, it is profitable for developers and can compete with other SaaS tools using a lincense model.

As you can imagine, that is a huge work and we need time, money and people to accomplish it. That is why we would like to work on a KickStarter way.  Before start coding we would like to collect the money needed in each step. Project contributor will have access to source code, and also will receive part of the future income for the sales of those new features based on his contribution. But the most important thing: CREATING AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY THAT CAN INPROVE THE TOOL BY PURCHASING AND SUGGESTING NEW MODULES.

We are good at creating addons for Interspire, but we need people to speed up development and be part of the project. We know that out there are great developers with deep experience on Interspire, some of you already have worked with us.

The main concern about developing Interspire addons is the difficulty to sell software. That is why we need to finance the project in advance. As users of Interspire, we know that Interspire Email Marketer is near his end. Maybe it can last a couple of year but after that it will be obsolete. Then we will be force to be another chimp or move to a marketing automation tools but our source of income will be drastically reduced. Before that I would like to make a final effort to keep Interspire alive. If we are success with that part we can move forward to add more complex features: adding and addon environment like WordPress, using bootstrap framework, change the DB storage to make it scalable…

We would like to keep code open but to avoid piracy part of the feature will work on a SaaS model or will be encrypted.  Before start, we would like to have feedback from you.

  • Which features you need?
  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • Would you like sponsor the project or you want to participate on the development or defining functionalities?
  • Or you simple think that Interspire Email Marketer is already death and we are crazy people that we should move forward and use other tools.

Any feedback will be welcome. Please replay that post or use contact form.

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