How to configure Interspire Email Marketer and Zapier

Interspiere Email Marketer is the best email marketing solution that you can install and manage form your own server. It allows sending huge volume of mails and keeping all the process under control.

Despite Interspire has an API for integrating the software with third party tools, that integration is not an easy process. At that point Zapier comes to simplify that work by providing a graphic interface to link Interspire and almost any application.

For example you would like to create a landing page to generate new lead for your marketing program. You can use a great service like Unbounce  to easily build a landing page with a drag&drop editor or create a beautiful for with WuFoo.


After that you have to go to Zapier and connect both applications.  In that step we have to provide application credentials and relates fields between applications. In order to simplify full process all fields selection is done using drop down menus.

  • First we have to select target list at Interspire
  • Next step is picking up Wufoo custom fields and relate them to Intesrpire custom fields. Again this process is done using drop down menus we can see custom fields from the Wufoo forms that will be stored on custom fields at Interspire.

Only email address is mandatory, all other fields are optative, and that is all. You already have linked two applications.

Zapier interfase for matching fields applications

Our Zapier application can work to store new contacts or update existing ones. That gives and extra flexibility to your lead generation workflow.

Zapier Workflow

Using Zapier to move contact into Interspire from third party applications is super simple, you don’t nee dto install any addon or change your core files. You only need an a Zapier account and request access to our “Intesrpire Zap”.

Zapier has more than 500 application to link with Interspire email marketer, browse his catalog you will be astonished by its posibilities 😉


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