How to integrate Interspire Email with Active Campaign

In this article you will learn how we integrate Interspire Email Marketer with Active Campaign to provide marketing automation feature to Interspire customers.

Interspire Email Marketer is great software, it provides autoresponders and triggers to automate some actions like sending mails based on user’s actions like open or link click but also based on custom field’s information. Interspire Email Marketer triggers

For basic workflows those action can be enough but if you really need marketing automation features like e-commerce cart abandonment, leads profiling or send custom messages based on action is not enough. For that reason we have decided to deeply integrate Interspire with Active Campaign.

Active Campaign has an excellent workflow engine, from the drag&drop editor you can create any king of workflow based on user behavior including web navigation, but also based on lead scoring.

Active Campaign marketing automation

Why you Integrate Interspire Email Marketer with Active Campaign

The answers is very easy, to reduce cost. Active Campaign pricing models is based on Contacts, if you have more contact you pay more. That is not a great deals if your data base is small but if you have more than 25.000 adding news lead to your Active Campaign account can be costly. On the other hand Interspire works on premise, so you can have as many contacts as you need loading new DB for mass mailing actions.

How it works Interspire and Active Campaign Integration

Easy, every time contacts click on a link of your Interspire campaign it is automatically copied into Active Campaign. We perform contact synchronization based on click because users who open some of your links are more engaged with your brand/product and it worth moving then to a more costly service to close a deal.

We have developed a webhook addon for Interspire that automates contact synchronization. Using a dropdown menu, we select the desired link to monitor. For moving a contact into Active Campaign we can use 2 solutions:

  • Custom script
  • Zapier Integration

How I manage Active Campaign contact

We recommend creating a single list for managing imported contacts. After that you can use the drag&drop workflow editor to create your customized actions. If you have an e-commerce site, using cart abandonment features is really useful, but you can go beyond that and using lead profiling to send more targeted messages based on users actions like web site visits.

For example, you have sent a mass mailing campaign to a new data base of 100.000 contacts. On average you can have from a 1% link click (that number can fluctuate based on the DB quality). That means that only 500 users are “interested” of your products/services.

We move into Active Campaign those 500 contacts, which have dramatically reduced cost. Managing 100.000 contacts has a cost of $1038 but managing only 1000 has a cost of $49 as you can see it worth the time spend on setting up integration. For future mailings is contacts click on the same link, they are automatically copied into Active Campaign so we have a non-end process.

Once the contact is on Active Campaign we can create a very specific and customized experience for each user.  But this is two ways integration, if any customers from Active Campaign decide to unsubscribe from the list, that action is automatically transferred into Interspire. Having the same information in both systems.

If you wanto adding marketing automation features to Interspire or reduce your Active Campaign cost, contact us.

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