Interspire Email Marketer addons

An Interspire Email Marketer addon is a piece of software that extends software functionalities. Interspire come with a system under settings/addons that allows adding those new features.

Despite Interspire is great software, from a developer’s point of view creating and addon is not so simple and deploying new functionality can be a little tricky. Before you buy your new Interspire addon, follow this checklist:

New Interspire addons have support:

Things change very fast on Internet, one day an API changes and your addon stop working. Is your addon is actively maintained? Almost all providers always say yes, but reality is different. Before buying an addon check seller’s reputation, check if there is a support ticket or at least a forum.

Do you have to change Interspire core files.

This is not a major issue but you must bear in mind that next time you upload a new release of Interspire you must merge those new core files with the ones modified by the addons.

Does the Interspire Email Marketer addon developer provide customization services?

Addons are great but sometimes you need deeper integration and that only can be provided by customizing the software. Choosing the right partners can simplify a lot all the project. Our recommendation is choose quality vs price. Making the wrong decision can ruin your business. If that developer also has addon this is a plus because it means it already knows how Interspire works.

How much can cost an Interspire addon.

Prices have a huge range. You can buy simple addons for less than 100$, but complex ones can cost almost 1.000 or more. Price depends on addons features but also deployment complexity. Most part of the addons requires changing core files and that adds an extra cost.

Don’t buy cracked addons.

If you do, you are installing software without guarantee on your server where all your customers’ data is stored. Some of those addons have malware inside and for saving some bucks you are risking your entire business. Also those kind of addons use to be deprecated versions that has no support.

Ask for a demo.

Due to the nature of Interspire addons, most of them are sold without any money back features. Before you buy be sure that you get what you need. Ask for a demo before purchase any addon. Interspire addons market is small. All developers know each other, if you are unsure about the addon reliability check the Interspire forum.

Interspire email marketer is not actively maintained as it used to be but using addons can revive your Interspire and providing a lot of cool features. Visit out Interspire Email Marketer addons catalog to see our products or request a demo.

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