Future of Interspire Email Marketer

Due to the lack of new releases from Interspire Company, we would like to develop new features compatible with IEM 6.1.6 and its future releases. Most of those features force to modify core files increasing deployment cost.

Our idea is adding those features as a standard update like Interspire does. Instead of selling software as a customization we want to create standard packages compatible with IEM company releases. We already have created several packages for sending two ways SMS, Google Analytics integratior or cache systems for segments.

In order to guarantee endurance for that new development model we want to sell in advance those features. Companies who buy the code before it is released will have full source code and a premium discount. We will work on a crowdfunding model, not starting development until we cover development cost with pre-sales.

People, who buy software after its release, will have an extra cost and all software will be encrypted. All extra income generated with software sales will be used for new developments.

Any developer with experience on Interspire is welcome to join our team and share revenue with new software sales.

We are really fan of Active Campaign and we would like to port part of its features into Interspire to create a modern tool specially related to marketing automation and lead scoring.

Those are the projects we would like to develop, but we are open to new ideas. We know that your feedback is essential for the success of the project so please, add your feedback. We have created a google sheet to gather your ideas and thoughts.

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Already finished developments:

SMS integration

It allows sending two ways SMS messages and processing its response. It works with 3 international gateways in order to offer worldwide coverage.

Google Analytics integration

Connect Google Analytics stats to Interspire to track devices and conversions. Also the system allows tracking individual users to tracks its behavior around the Web.

New segments + cache

We have created new custom segments and a cache tool increase segments performance and load speed.

The above 3 developments are already finished and ready to be added to your IEM installation. Our future roadmap will start with:

Landing page builder

Add new features to subscription forms in order to create a landing page system. With a drag&drop editor the user will be able to create a landing page and publish into Interspire to make it available for adding new leads to DB.

Full Zapier integration

Being able to add any contact and custom information into Interspire, and extract any change on Interspire contact or tracking features using Zapier.

Web/E-commerce tracking

We are going to register into Interspire all the Web pages visited by the user in order to launch retargeting campaigns.

Lead scoring features

Being able to use Interspire to track sales opportunities, and better lead classification to monitor sales process.

Phone calls campaign

Instead of receiving an email or SMS, you can use Interspire to schedule follow up calls.

New workflow engine

Being able to create complex marketing automation workflows features and being able to concatenate actions.

Drag&drop workflow engine

Extend new workflow engine to allow using a drag&drop editor to create/modify workflows.

New stats dashboard

Add new KPI into Interspire stats pages and allow predicting future behavior of contact and sales.

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