How to add marketing automation features into Interspire Email Marketer

Interspire is a great email marketing software, but if you need marketing automation features you have a problem. For example Interspire is great if you want to track user’s behavior on mail, but once user click on  a link and goes to your website you stop receiving important information. You are not able to know if it has abandoned your site during checkout or if he visits your price page twice a week…

There are many “works arounds” most of them using some kind of Zapier addon to send user’s information to Zapier and then to desired tool. That kind of solution its works and can add a lot of value to your basic Interspire installation but it is not so friendly to manage.

On the other hand there are great marketing automation solutions that have visual tools to manage your workflows. From a drag&drop interface you can customize customers’ journey. It is like triggers and autoresponders on Interspire but with much more functionalities and an amazing interface. My favorite tool is Active Campaign, the only negative point is about price. Most of the marketing automation tools pricing is based on the number of contacts. If you have a large database that is a problem.

In order to solve that limitation we have integrated Interspire with Active Campaign. Mass mailing is send using Interspire, but only the contacts that are really interested in your content (we use some link click to make that differentiation) automatically move into Active Campaign and goes into your workflow. Once they finish it, they are automatically deleted from Active Campaign, keeping the DB small and also your monthly cost.

If you are a current Interspire user and you want to start marketing automation for your business, contact us and request a demo.

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