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Analyze your customers off-line behavior’s and discover how they react to your campaigns


Stats dashboard is accessible thought any device, desktop, mobile or tablet.

Customize your off-line stats dashboard according to your needs, as easy as dragging and dropping blocks.

If you need help don’t worry. We are here to assist you. You can contact us by phone or ticket.

Retail Sector

Wi-Fi Tracking

Using your own router or adding our external sensor  we can track customers’ buying experience and have business insights that help you to take the best decision for your business for each point of sale.

Our “Off-Line” tracking system can work together with our email/SMS management tool in order you can evaluate the campaign impact or integrate it with your back-office infrastructure.

Undestand your Customers

With our  “Off-Line” tracking solution you will understand the buying experience of your customers in all your retail shops:

  • Top Hours
  • Average Time in Shop
  • Recurrence Customers
  • Cross Sales Betweens Shops…

Reduce the risk of your business decisions by better understanding your customers behavior. Reduce and optimize your marketing budget undestanding how you recover your on-line and off-line campaign expenses.

Custom Solution

We know that each area of your organization has different needs and should have its own metrics and reports to take its decisions. Our custom reports target specif needs:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • IT

Fashion and Retail Sector

The fashion and retail segment is one of the most competitive in the actual scenario. It should optimize its on-line and off-line resources to provide better buying experiences and being able to measure interactions is critic.

With our tracking solution you will be able to:

  • Measure the campaign ROI
  • Calculate the customer’s ROI
  • Measure performance per location
  • Optimize operations and sales force allocation…

If you want to know how we can help you should download the white paper and discover how better analytics can enhance your sales performance.

Detailed Tracking for Big Stores

One of the key success factors for big shops is identifying the customers’ path inside the shop and positioning the products along his way. With our “Off-Line” tracking system you will discover the hot areas inside your store and how to optimize sells based on those paths.

Our solution works for:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Retail chains
  • Real estate investment
  • Events and concerts…
  • Casinos

Deeper Knowledge of your Customers

If something defines the food sector is speed. That characteristic can difficult the way managers take decisions due to the lack of accurate information. With our “Off-Line” analytics solution you will know the number of users that are in your point of sale, the average time on it and the number of customers on queue…

Visit our “resources” section to discover how we have applied our technology into that sector and how we have increase the sales of top companies.

Disconer our Services

With PLUG you will be able to check your off-line stats at any time customizing the information of the dashboard according to your needs. You can also integrate our data into your back-office systems like CRM, ERP, loyalty programs… or integrate it with our campaign manager SEND.

Our “Off-Line” system has an API simplifying the data exchange between services.


Deploy in minutes your off-line tracking systema and undestand your customers behaviour.