Off-Line Analytics for Business

As important as create marketing campaigns is measure its results. In the on-line environment we can find hundreds of solutions but if we talk of the off-line impact in the point of sale, small shops or retail chains… Is very difficult measuring the number of visitors, recurrence of the visits and the average time of each visit.

New Visitors 60% visits
Customers 45% visits
Recurrence Customers 30% visits

Why using PLUG as an Off-Line tracking tool

More than 90% of all commerce sales happens off-line. Despite the e-commerce growth steady year after year is still far away of off-line transactions. Our vision is that on-line and off-line shopping experience are going to work together and we must be able to measure properly both of them.


  • Off-line tracking solution.
  • Tested technology
  • Integrable with other technologies (SEND, Newslettersoft, or your corporate systems).
  • Detailed stats.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Low cost implementation.
  • Custom services
  • Scalable, from small shop to big retail chains.

PLUG Tracking Solution

Using Wi-Fi technology, we can detect the mobile devices of all visitors and the people near your shop. That information is stored and encrypted in our servers in order to be processed the detect customers purchase patterns and have a deeper knowledge about the users purchase experience.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Number of visits
  • Recurrent visits
  • Users Walks by
  • Time between visits/purchase
  • Average time in shop
  • Average time in a store area
  • Heat maps inside the shop
  • Coupon redemption…

Easy and Low Cost deploy


Deploy the off-line tracking system is very easy, you only need a router to connect the tracking sensor, in a few minutes the sensor will start tracking your customers behaviors and generate off-line analytics. You can access the PLUG panel to see your stats in real time and create your custom reports.

Activation in 3 steps:

  • Receive the sensor by mail post
  • Connect the sensor to the router
  • Let us know the activation by mail

Some of our reports

Export your Data

All the off-line data captured with PLUG can be exported/integrated to third party systems in order you can have a global vision of your campaigns. If you prefer you can use our Dashboard where you can access detailed information of each of your shops.

Deploy in minutes an off-line tracking system and gain insights of your business