Interspire transactional mails

Interspire transactional mail API

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That development add allows Intrespire to send transnationa mails and SMS thought REST API.

Product Description

Interspire transactionall mails, allows to send transactional messages based on email or SMS with a simple API call. We can send 2 kinds of messages:

Transactional mails without tracking

Those messages are designed for sending transactional mails that doesn’t need tracking opens o clicks, like alerts or purchase orders. All those actions are stored on events table in order to keep record of each mail send to a user.

Transactional mails with tracking

All messages are stored into the events table but also allows keeping record about open and clicking rate. Interspire transactional messages with tracking are used for important messages like password recovery, urgent notifications.

Example of Interspire transactional API call:

  1. <xml request>
  2. <username>USERNAME</username>
  3. <usertoken>USER_TOKEN</usertoken>
  4. <requesttype>advanced_send </requesttype>
  5. <requestmethod>SendEmailNoTracking</requestmethod>
  6. <details>
  7. <listids>
  8. 2
  9. </listids>
  10. <Email>
  12. </Email>
  13. <Message>
  14. <HTML>
  15. <HTML><BODY><p>Contenido HTML del mensajes…</p></BODY></HTML>
  16. </HTML>
  17. </Message>
  18. </details>
  19. </xml requet>


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