Magento popup for Interspire Email Marketer

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Display a popup register form on your Magento site in order to increase the number of leads, move those emails into Interspire Email Marketer or Magento with just one click.

Product Description

We have created a Magento addon that allow displaying a pop-up registration forms and automatically register new leads into Interspire Email Marketer. Addon is fully compatible with Magento Community 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1 and 1.9 That addon do not require any change on Interspire Email Marketer, the addon is installed into Magento.


Advanced analytics: -Average time per view -Visitors close window -Visitors close popup -Visitors clicked inside popup to follow a content inside it -Google analytics events tracking with 10+ different events (Popup – Newsletter subscribed, Popup – User registered, Popup – Facebook like, Popup – Twitter follow, … ) Different styles: -Predefined templates -Choose border color -Choose background color -Choose corner style -Different close icons -10+ different button styles -Background overlay style Show effect: -Appear -Elastic animation -Swing animation -Rotate & Zoom animation -Slide down -Slide up -Fade in A B testing Duplicate Popup button together with analytics makes easy to perform A B testing. Mobile support You can choose width unit (px or precentage) to make responsive popup for mobile devices. Devices field gives you option to different popup for mobiles and tablets. Cookie support Own cookie for each popup, don’t show the same popup again to the same user Show at: -Category pages or specify category ids -Product pages or specify product ids -Homepage -Checkout onepage -Cart -Specified url -All pages Show when: -Instantly when page loads -When mouse leaves browser window -After defined seconds -On click (you can write id,class or tag selector) -On hover (you can write id,class or tag selector) -After user uses scroller Extra show conditions: -User ip -Country -If product in cart -Show to logged in or unloged user -Devices -If referall url condition -Customer groups -If pending payment order Show again: -Show every time -Show only once -Show until user close it -Show until user click inside popup -Show until user click inside popup or close it Display position: -Define vertical position -Define horizontal position


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