How to reduce Active Campaign SMS price and have world coverage

Active Campaign is great marketing Automation software; the only concern is about Active Campaign SMS price and his small coverage.

Active Campaign SMS coverage

As you can see from the below image Active Campaign SMS campaign are only available in US, Canada, UK and Spain. That is a huge limitation if you live outside this area especially in Europe when is not unusual make campaign for several UE countries at the same time.

Active Campaign SMS price

About price, I have to admit that SMS credit price I quite high, starting price is $0.025 but for a substantial reduction we have to purchase 50.000 credits at a price of $0.0012 per message, that implies an investment of $600.

How to reduce Active Campaign SMS price

Part of our customers are located in Europe and most of them in Spain, and those high SMS rates make Active Campaign uncompetitive for the SMS segment. As a fan of the product I talk to my tech team to find a “work out”. As usual they come with a smart solution that can bypass that limitation allowing sending SMS messages worldwide but also decreasing SMS price. Stating price is at 0,004€ for Spanish. That’s far better than Active Campaign. For other European countries price are also lower.

All the SMS messages send using Active Campaign has deliverability tracking but also allow tracking open clicks. There is no magic behind that integration is just a middleware development that allow to transform Active Campaign messages into SMS and use its tracking features. We are so satisfied with that development that we are packaging in order to easily deploy it as an Active Campaign SMS App.

If you Are using Active Campaign to send small amount of SMS (less than 1000 per month) it doesn’t make sense to use our app, but if you are using Active Campaign for sending large SMS campaign it make sense to switch, at the end of the year you can have a good saving that you ca use to upgrade your Active Campaign subscription to Enterprise edition 😉

Something similar happen to the way Active Campaign manages contact pricing. They bill you according of the number of contact you have. That is great if you have a small data base, but that can a be great issue if you want to use Active Campaign for sending bulk campaign and only do the follow up of interested leads.  You have another article explaining how to reduce your overall cost at Active Campaign.

If you would like to know more about how to reduce Active Campaign SMS price or coverage, contact us.

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