How to send transactional messages using Interspire Email Marketer

We have extended current Interspire Email Marketer API in order to send transactional messages based on email or SMS.

Transactional message are those messages that are generated based on user actions like after purchasing a product, visit a link… Some actions can be managed by triggers and autoresponders.

In order to extend that functionality we have added new functions to Interspire API in oder to send that kind of messages by coding. In order to simplify process API call add users to the list if they don’t exist.

API call:









<message>Test message %%movil%%</message>





Why can you be interested on doing that?

Interspire Email Marketer is great but people use to work with other software like CRM, if you want to send a message from that CRM and keep tracking on Interspire of that that, new API call is really useful.

For those that don’t want to code we have a Zapier Integration to do the same but using a graphical interface.


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