Using animated GIF for your newsletters

Every time is more difficult to catch users’ attention. Having responsive newsletters to be compatible with the different screen resolution is a necessary condition but not guarantee the campaign success.

Is widely accepted that email has the highest  retour on campaign, ROI, but every time is more difficult to have customer’s attention due to saturation of the channel.

To be successful on email you have to be relevant for your customers to gain his attention and money. One way to obtain that is by using animated gifts on your email campaigns.

What are the animated GIF

Is an image with GIF format that allow displaying multiple photograms being able to display movement.

Animated GIF advantages

Focus attention on some parts of the newsletter enhancing click to action or having a deeper integration with creativity.

Animated GIF disadvantages

If the gif are not properly created they can have a greater size reducing newsletter download speed. Also gif can be blocked in some email clients due to its image nature. We have to integrate the image with the newsletter creativity giving reasons to the user to download the campaign content.
Other solution to add

Alternative to animated GIF

If we want to add movement to our newsletter campaign we can also use video. It has the advantage to be much more attractive, we have to use media queries to detect the screen resolution to display the right video file. You have to be aware that is easier to re scale images rather than video.
I prefer animated gif due to its simplicity but the high impact on the campaigns. I show you some examples that I have found. If you need further help on that issue you can  contact us for custom services. Enjoy it 😉

gif_animado_Kate-SpadeThat campaign from Madison Ave, use the color pink to enhance the spring trend color. It can seem to be too subtle but from a neuromarketing perspective is really powerful.


Other example on the fashion segment can be found on “Net A Porte”. In a Single image we can see most part of the new jeans collection displaying a lot of information on a single image. Imagine how many small images you will have used for showing all that information. Your newsletter will have a huge scroll.